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Last updated on November 20th, 2017 at 04:09 pm

You may have noticed that we list a lot of accountants (over 300 at the time this post was written) in the UK and we are always on the look-out for new ones that we can list on our blog here.

Many of the posts that we have written have come about because we have found them on Google searches for various locations but today I wanted to share a blog that, while relating to accountants, is not actually an accountants site.  The accountantseo blog is written by specialists that provide SEO (search engine optimisation) services to firms of accountants across the UK, looking at the blog it’s interesting in that they offer hints and tips that while aimed at accountants can equally be applied to any online business.

It’s not kept up to date as much as it could be, but the information on there still seems to be valid and covers subjects such are appearing in local search results, what you should do on Facebook pages and whether bounce rates are important.   As I mentioned above, these are all relevant to online businesses of many (if not all) types.

We were impressed enough with the quality of the articles that we have included their main site in the blogroll list of links over on the right of our pages.

About this section

We know from both personal experience and talking to other small businesses that one of the worries for a new or small business is finding an accountant that they feel happy with.

This section of our website lists accountants from across the UK with a brief summary and also a link to their site so that you can find out more about them in their own words.  You can even use the search box below to search the entire section of the site to see if we have any listings in your area or that cover your business sector.

We hope that you find this section useful.  Please note that we have not been paid for any of these entries and we do not get any commission if you use one of the firms in this section.

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