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Last updated on January 15th, 2018 at 10:52 am

I have come across many people in my SEO career who want to feature at the top of the search results in Google and this is entirely understandable, after all if you are a business you want to attract new visitors to your site and hopefully convert some of them to clients. It’s a no-brainer that appearing at the top of the results will do the first part for you.

Local SEO - Sign postHowever, stop and think for a while, if you are a craft shop in a small town or a firm of accountants in an area of London what will people use to look for your services? Generally people look for services in their immediate area – have a think about this for a moment, if you are looking for an accountant and you live in Harrow in North West London what would you personally search for? Would it be “Accountants in Harrow” or would it be “Accountants in London” where you will be presented with 1,000’s of results that are too far away from you to be of any use (by “far away” I mean both in time and distance – we all know that it can take ages to drive from one part of London to another). Continue reading

Last updated on March 31st, 2016 at 12:38 pm

I was talking to a prospective client the other day when it struck me that despite all the adverts saying that it’s easy to build your own website using this or that “website builder” there’s a lot more involved than most people realise.gloves-1192164_640

Of course, it’s something that I’ve known ever since I started building sites for people back in 1997/98 but in those days sites tended to be built by coders who understood the coding behind the site and , if you were lucky, knew how people reacted to design and content.  Over the years this latter concept has interested me more and more – what does make people leave a site or conversely follow  up and make a purchase or fill in a contact form on a website?

Sadly, the modern trend tends to that people want to build their own sites without understanding the basics,  while that’s ok for a hobby site I do wonder about the logic behind building a website for your business like that.  After all, you presumably use an accountant to do your accounts and tax, a solicitor if you need legal advice, an electrician for work that involves electricity, a cleaner for your offices, and may even use a specialist model maker for prototypes so why would you not use a specialist to build your websites? Continue reading

Last updated on January 15th, 2016 at 11:20 am

It struck me the other day when I was dealing with yet another client who had had a SEO analysis generated for them by another SEO company who were pitching for business just how many myths there are in the SEO industry.

It’s a good sign that the person you are talking to doesn’t understand how to optimise a site effectively when they start to repeat some of these myths and I thought I’d mention some of my favourite ones (as of November 2015). Continue reading

Last updated on April 13th, 2015 at 01:36 pm

I have been having a long conversation recently by email with a client who is determined to have a website with just a single page.

Now, if he was looking for a site like this one which is obviously a site that is designed to have a just a single page and then, if visitors click on the “more information” button at the bottom of the page, send them to another site I’d agree with them.  This is a site that is meant as a “teaser” as it were, it doesn’t have any intention of telling the visitor everything about the subject, just enough to whet the appetite as it were and send them to another site that has more details (and in this case the option to buy a product).

However, from the conversations that I’ve had with them it seems that they are looking for a site more like this one (for a freelance PA based in Peterborough) or this one (for a pizza oven builder in Holland which uses some interesting transitions between the “pages”) Continue reading

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