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Worried about your online privacy?

Surf the Internet anonymously and shield your online communications from prying eyes. Get Anonymizer Total Net Shield for only $99.95.Anonymizer Total Net Shield

Total Online Privacy is achieved by taking an active participation in your personal safety on the Internet. While it is sometimes easier to ignore the dangers present online, it is much more costly than taking a few steps to insure that you and your family has adequate protection from the threats that lurk online. There are three main areas that safeguard online privacy:

Privacy Protection: Having full-time privacy protection software, such as Anonymizer's Total Net ShieldOnline Privacy, enables you to “encrypt”, or hide, all traffic to and from your computer. This prevents online snoops from tracking your surfing habits, watching your instant messages, reading your emails, and using this information for undesirable, and possibly damaging, purposes.

Virus Blocking: It is often said that there are half a dozen new viruses created every day with the sole purpose of causing havoc on your PC by, possibly corrupting or deleting files on your hard drive. The best line of defense is a powerful anti-virus utility designed to stop damage to your computer from multiple sources such as web surfing, e-mail and rogue programs (spyware). Anti-Spyware from Anonymizeranti-spyware not only detects and removes harmful spyware, but actually prevents it from downloading in the future for only $29.95

Firewall Security: While viruses and privacy concerns could be considered as passive threats, hackers take a more active approach to attacking your PC directly. Without a full firewall protection solution, privacy thieves have an open doorway to your PC and all of your personal information. They may even be able to take over your PC and use it to send spam or attack other computers - and who will get the blame? Total Net Shieldfirewall software can protect you from these attacks with its personal encrypted virtual tunnel similar to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is commonly used by companies to ensure secure communications between offices and home based workers.

Total Privacy Suite combines Anonymous Surfing, Anti-Spyware and Digital Shredder right into the Firefox Browser. Save $10 now!total privacy suite

Anonymizer shields your IP address and protects you from online tracking, SPAM harvesting, hackers and snoops.Get Anonymous Surfing 6.1 direct from Anonymizer.comanonymous surfing! and protect both yourself and your family while surfing the web.

It is simple to set up and use, and, importantly, it works silently in the background without slowing down your Internet connection.


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