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Is your website looking out of date?

If you have a tired looking website that screams "we haven't updated this for years" why not ask Forest Software to help redesign it for you?

We can completely redesign the look of your web site for you while keeping the words the same if you wish, or we are able to build a completely new website for you.

It doesn't matter if your site is hosted by a third party, we can publish the updated site for you, although you will need to supply a username and password for the site (and for security we suggest that you change the password after we have updated the site). Alternatively, we can send you a copy of the website on a CD and you can publish it to the server yourself.

Of course, if you wish you can move the site to one of our servers, but we will not pressure you to do this. We would rather have a happy design client than a client that feels that we have put pressure on them to pay for more than they wanted.

All jobs are quoted on an individual basis and prices depend on the complexity, number of pages and whether we have had to create new content for the site.

For a quotation or more information please contact us.

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