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IR35 Accountants

What is IR35 and why do I need a specialist accountant?

Basically, ???IR35??? is the name given to a piece of tax legislation in the UK that is aimed at identifying individuals who are avoiding paying the tax that they should be by supplying their services to clients via their own company, often known as a ???personal service company???, or a limited liability partnership. While many that do this are obviously in business there are some, who in the HMRCs view, should be classed as ???disguised employees???. This basically means that the HMRC do not recognise the contractor in question as ???self-employed??? from a taxation perspective and therefore they should be taxed the same way that a general employee should be, thus falling under what is called IR35.

By using a specialist accountant, or at the very least one that has experience of dealing with freelancers and HMRC enquiries about IR35, you can get some expert advice about your contract to reduce the risk of falling foul of this particular piece of tax law.

Having come from a freelance / contractors background we felt that there was a need for a list of accountants that specialise in IR35 here in the UK. So we have listed below a small selection of accountants in the UK that we have found that specialise in IR35 and accounts for computer contractors and other freelancers.

Please note that we may not have used these accountancy firms, the list has been put together from talking to existing contractors and our own research and is here to help our visitors find a specialist accountant near them.

We plan to increase this list of contractors accountants over the coming months, so if there is not one in the area you are based in please come back again soon (or if you are an accountant that specialises in IR35 and freelance accounts please contact us and ask for a link - there is no obligation and we do not ask for a return link unless you want to provide one [ please note that this only applies if you are an accountant, we do not accept requests for links from 3rd parties] )

Alternatively, if you are looking for an accountant and the list below does not cover your area you may like to try the local accountants UK web site which has a much more comprehensive list of local accountants across the UK.

  • Accountants4contractors
    Are based in London. They have been successfully dealing with contractors and small business management over the last 6 and a half years
  • Apex Accountancy Solutions Ltd
    A firm of Accountants for contractors based in Harpenden, that provide a specialist service with fixed monthly fees for contractors. They have also partnered with Contractor Mortgages Made Easy to offer competitive mortgages based on full contract earnings.
  • Basra and Basra
    Are Accountants in Southampton that provide a specialist service for IT contractors, consultants and freelancers.
  • C and M Services
    Based in Bristol, this firm of accountants offer an tax planning and accounting services for contractors and other freelancers.
  • Contractors Accountant Online
    Contractors Accountant Online is a division of 2E Accountants Ltd, focused on providing accountancy services purely to contractors using an online service only and which provides very efficient and effective service at competitive rates.
  • CXC Protect Ltd
    Based in London, this firm of IR35 accountants provides a personal service with an emphasis on accounting and financial planning tailored to the specific needs of UK contractors and freelancers. They also ensure you get effective advice on all aspects of taxation, especially IR35.
  • Forbes Chartered Accountants
    Are based in Braintree and Dunmow in Essex, and have many years experience and a high level of expertise in helping contractors and consultants. They claim that their freelance solution will let you keep up to 85% of your gross income.
  • Grant Matthewson
    Are a firm of Chartered Certified Accountants that are also certified PCG Quality Accountants. Based in Norfolk they provide a list of services for an agreed fixed annual fee. This firm of IR35 Accountants also offer a secure online returns system.
  • Hackett Griffey LLP
    This firm of Chartered Certified Accountants is based in Suffolk act for many contractors in the IT, engineering and consultancy sectors. As IR35 Accountants they can offer a personalised service, tailored to your individual requirements.
  • Nick Callen
    This online Bristol based Chartered Accountant has had many years of dealing with contractors from the IT and Management Consultancy sectors and is happy to talk to contractors about the problems involved with IR35.
  • R J McMorran
    A firm of Accountants in Godmanchester and St Neots that offer a wide range of services for clients that may fall under the IR35 legislation.
  • Sealy Shaw
    Based in Pride Park, Derby this firm of IR35 Accountants offer a fixed fee service that covers dealing with your financial affairs including payroll, VAT, accounts, corporation tax, dividends, self assessment tax returns and other elements of services needed by contractors and self-employed professionals.
  • Tax Link
    This firm of Chartered Tax Advisers and Accountants is based in South London and pride themselves for providing their Contractor and Freelance clients with a friendly, personal and efficient service.
  • The Contractor Accountants
    With offices in W1, near Marylebone Station this firm of London based IR35 Accountants have the specialised knowledge that contractor & freelance clients need when faced with the complexities of IR35.
  • Whiting & Partners
    Operate a popular IR35 accountancy service that involves reviewing your current work practices and providing an opinion on how they believe HMRC would catagorise you when it comes to the IR35 rules.

More accountants that may be suitable for contractors are listed on our page about accountants for small businesses.

As well as the directory mentioned at the top pf this page, we know that more accountants are also listed on this business service directory which lists all types of accountants across the UK and is searchable by town.

Websites and website content for Accountants
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totalSOLUTION provide a complete website service for Accountants, meaning that within 7 working days you could have a website that is full of content and useful resources for your clients. Details of the websites for UK Accountants and what is included in their simple monthly package are available on the totalSOLUTION website or for a little more you could have a bespoke accountants' web site from Practice Track Online.

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