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Site Maintenance and Updates

Does your web site need updating?

Do you need to change the wording on your pages?

Wnat an additional page on your website?

We are able to take over the maintenance of your web site for you - although you need to check with your current designer for any restrictions in your existing contract as we will not knowingly break a contract between you and your designer.

Whether you are looking for a simple change to some wording, a new page added to the site or a complete overhaul of the site we are happy to provide you with an estimate of the costs involved once we have spoken to you about your website update needs.

We offer two solutions :-

  1. Take out an annual maintenance package with us, prices depend on the size of the site and the expected frequency of the updates.
  2. Pay for work done on a time and materials basis. We will happily quote for any updates required.

It doesn't matter if you are hosted elsewhere, we don't insist that you move your hosting to one of our servers. You should however, bear in mind that if you wanted us to publish the changes for you we would need access to a username and password for the site (otherwise we can send you the completed work for you to publish yourselves). In this case we would strongly suggest that you change your website password once we have updated the site for you.

Please note that we do not use Frontpage and are therefore unable to update and publish Frontpage generated sites as doing so may break them. Should you want your frontpage website updated we are happy to put you in contact with other designers who may be able to help you.

To find out more about our web site maintenance services please contact us.


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