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Laser printer toner cartridges

"Ah", I hear you say, "We don't ever buy new toner cartridges for our laser printer, we use refilled toner at the cheapest price we can find". While this seems to make sense did you know that some distributors will sell their defective, ineffective, or even damaging laser toner cartridges to unsuspecting resellers who then sell the toner cartridges on to the public (that's you and me). These cartridges will give poor quality prints and may cause serious damage to your printer. So be sure to buy cartridges from an authorized reseller that the manufacturer audits. Check the manufacturer's website to obtain a list of authorized resellers.

Beware of laser toner cartridges that are priced too cheaply or have bad or old packaging. If your cartridge runs out of ink too quickly, gives bad quality prints, or damages your printer, don't buy from the same retailer again.

This is not to say that all compatible toner cartridges are junk. But if you're going to spend maybe £50 to £100 on a cartridge, why take the chance?

What is a remanufactured Laser Toner Cartridge?

Some manufacturers, and some third-party distributors, will give you money or discounts in exchange for your old laser toner cartridges. They in turn replace the guts of the cartridge, refill it with toner, and resell it at a big discount. In many cases, the quality is almost exactly the same as new. For example, at the time of writing (May 2006) a black toner cartridge for an LaserJet 2300 costs £84 + VAT from HP, but only £65 + vat new or £51 + vat (reconditioned) from Euroffice. We have checked and updated the prices as of July 2014 : Direct from HP : £167 inc VAT, From Euroffice : £125.75 (new) or £40.79 (refurbished) and it still illustrates the difference in prices (and the fact that you can buy cheaper from a supplier such as Euroffice than direct from the printer manufacturers).

Here at Forest Software we use Euroffice for our laser toners and a local supplier, North Wales Inks, for our inkjet cartridges, why not have a look at them to see how much your next laser toner cartidge or ink-jet cartridge will cost you?

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