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Business Photography

Many of the photographs that a business may take will be used in advertising, whether this is for printed brochures, leaflets, websites or even to be added to advertising products

This is obviously different if you are running a photography business where you may be taking photos of almost anything during the course of a day, from products, through children and weddings up to images to build your portfolio or sell as stock images.

Photographs for your business

As you may imagine, for most businesses that are taking photos for their business the images fall into one of two categories :-

  • Photos of people such as staff
  • Photos of property (flats, shops, offices, factories etc)
  • Photos of their products, be it running shoes, machinery, chocolate or anything else that they may produce or sell.

If you are taking shots of your products the key to a good photograph that works is presenting the product in a way so that it appeals to your potential customers, it is normally not enough to produce a standard image that looks like 1000's of others.

It follows then that there are some things that you need for good photos, these include a decent digital camera, probably a tripod to ensure you get sharp pictures, an ability to manipulate lighting to your advantage and a fair technical knowledge so that you understand things such as depth of field and shutter speeds.

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If you are looking for the right equipment for your business so that you can take decent photographs there are many online suppliers of this. You could go to a general dealer that sells everything and anything, or you could go to a specialist supplier of photographic equipment where you can be sure of getting the best advice about the equipment you will need, be that a compact camera for the occasional picture of new staff so that you can create ID badges or a Digital SLR camera so that you can take photos of products for printed brochures. One such specialist supplier in the UK is Jessops, the picture below will take you to their website.

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