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Domain Name Search

Looking for an affordable domain name for your business?

One of the things that we at Forest Software do is register domain names for the smaller business or charity. As a service to our existing and prospective clients we can now offer you a way of searching for a domain name or checking to see if the domain name you want is available.

There is no obligation to use us to register your company's domain name, you can do so yourself after using the form below to check on the availability by using the 'register' link on the results page. If you click on the 'register' link you will be taken to our partner and will be able to register the domain directly using their website. By doing this you control the domain in your own account and this can often be easier for clients than having to go through us for any updates to addresses, renewals etc

If you do not want to process the registration of the domain name yourself you may contact us and for a small fee we will register the domain for you in your name. As a guide we currently charge £15 to register a .uk domain for the two year period and £35 for a .com domain for two years. We also promise to register the domain in your company/business/charity name and not in our own name. Renewals are charged at the rate shown in our partners renewals page at (plus a small admin fee of £5.00 to cover our time).

Please note that if you want us to host your website on one of our servers but want to register the domain yourself using you should select "No Hosting" when you reach that point on the domain registration process.

To check on a domain name please enter just the name with no extensions or prefixes, eg to check for enter forestsoftware into the form and make sure that either the .uk or the all button is on.

You should note that all .uk domains must be registered for at least a two year period whilst other domains can be registered for any period between 1 and 10 years. You may also use the form below to check the registration (click on details next to the domain name on the results page) - please allow about 24 hours after the domain name has been registered to allow time for databases etc to be updated.

Please note that all searches are logged on our server, not so that we can look to see what has been searched for but purely so that we can spot misuse of this domain search facility and take the appropriate action.

Please enter a suggested domain name (eg. forestsoftware)


Nominet, the UK naming authority have a set of rules for all .uk domains that you are advised to read.


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